The Diary of Henri De Ceredigion

A new addition  for  2016   is  the Diary of  a young  man in the  early  17th Century, written by  our  very  own Harry  Hayfield, follow  the exploits  of Henry with   a regular  update. You  can follow  Henry   HERE Read more »

Cheshire Game and Country Show, 29/08 – 31/08 2015

Znów gościmy w Cheshire, tym raze będziemy prezentować jeden z XVII w przepisów polskiej kuchni. Zapraszamy na degustację w Sobotę, 29/08 około 14:00 Again visiting Cheshire, this time we shall present one of recipes of Old Polish Cuisine (17th century). All cordially invited to observe and taste on Saturday, around 2 o’clock. Click here for details Read more »

Ryedale Game & Country Fair

Ryedale Game & Country Fair,  North Yorkshire April 18th-19th Scampston Hall Malton North Yorkshire YO17 8NG Rydale Game and Country Show Attractions – click here   A new show, up in Yorkshire!  We are very excited to be welcoming a whole host of new exhibitors and entertainers, as well as welcoming back many of the… Read more »

Thame Country Show April 5th-6th

This will be Living Heritage’s  17th year at Thame and it just gets bigger and better every year! Moment in Time will be in attendance along with a host  of other exciting  activities and attractions. The arena line-ups are already looking exciting, and you will love our Welsh Axe Men with their with phenomenal high rise,… Read more »

17c Polish Christmas

17 century in Poland had seen the change of medieval festivities into more solemn occasion. Nowadays mood of Polish Christmas, full of retrospective prayers and consideration for and celebration of life started to emerge from merry and full of fun medieval times. Gone were the plays and jokes and in came visits to the church and… Read more »

Medieval Christmas

Continuing our series about Christmas we now look at  the Medieval Period. Christmas is Medieval England was very different to Christmas now. The Church ensured that Christmas was a true religious holiday. Celebrations were for the birth of Christ as opposed to simply peasants enjoying themselves. The first recorded use of the word “Christmas” was… Read more »

An English Christmas

WHAT MAKES AN ENGLISH CHRISTMAS? It appears that each person questioned thus will answer differently in fact. For me, it was the late night shopping and the electric atmosphere. I remembered the animated windows of my youth, Fairy Tales brought to life in each one. Delving back into childhood, it was the smells of minced… Read more »


Continuing our series of blog posts on Food Down the Ages, we have a look at the little appreciated beetroot. Beetroot, botanically-known as Beta vulgaris, evolved from wild seabeet, which is a native of coastlines from India to Britain and is the ancestor of all cultivated forms of beet. Beetroot was offered to Apollo in… Read more »

Bay Leaves

Starting a series of blog posts about food down the ages; this week we will be looking at the uses and properties of the humble bay leaf. Bay Leaf has been used for centuries in herbal medicine due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. Bay Leaf herbal tincture is an excellent remedy for treating… Read more »