Cheshire Game and Country Show, 29/08 – 31/08 2015

Znów gościmy w Cheshire, tym raze będziemy prezentować jeden z XVII w przepisów polskiej kuchni. Zapraszamy na degustację w Sobotę, 29/08 około 14:00 Again visiting Cheshire, this time we shall present one of recipes of Old Polish Cuisine (17th century). All cordially invited to observe and taste on Saturday, around 2 o’clock. Click here for details Read more »

17c Polish Christmas

17 century in Poland had seen the change of medieval festivities into more solemn occasion. Nowadays mood of Polish Christmas, full of retrospective prayers and consideration for and celebration of life started to emerge from merry and full of fun medieval times. Gone were the plays and jokes and in came visits to the church and… Read more »