About Us

History is a subject that is very often overlooked and dubbed irrelevant to the modern world but “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Is a living history reenactmentquote attributed to Edmund Burke (1729-1797) and used since by other notable people.

What is A Moment in Time? It is exactly that, it is “A Moment in Time” any moment from the past.

What can we learn from History as part of A Moment in Time? We strive to in our respective interest areas, to discover how our ancestors lived and worked, what they ate, how they traveled,or not.

We  have a diverse portfolio, with  members portraying  7th century Persians, Warrior Monks of the Crusades,  featuring the Knights of St  John  of Jerusalem or Hospitallers, English Civil Was of the 17th  Century , Polish  Nobles (szlachta) of the same period, covering the Cossack uprising of 1648 through  to  the Battle of Vienna 1683 historical displaysand  ultimately  to  the Partition of Poland in 1796

The Polish theme continues into the Napoleonic  Era with  an example of a Drummer of the Grand Duchy  of Warsaw fighting for Napoleon . The Napoleonic wars are also represented with Imperial Russian and knowledge of the War that shaped Europe for the next hundred years, until the outbreak of the war to end all wars.

Our Transatlantic cousins are not forgotten either, there is a knowledge base covering from the early settlers, or did the Vikings really get there first?

With  portrayals from the American Civil War, both Confederate and Federal,  did you  know that  the final surrender of that  conflict  occurred  at  Birkenhead? With   the stories of trade  from Britain historical reenactmentsupplying both sides  making it a win win situation  for the British and how close it  came to  Britain actively  taking part.

There  are knowledgeable Boer War  participats  covering the Wars in South  Africa at  the end of the 19th  Century  and our youngest  periods covered are  World War  2, Korea and Vietnam.